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What is Attend Anywhere?

• Attend Anywhere is a web-based communication platform that allows video appointments to take place between patients, families and optometrists/opticians.

• These appointments can take place anywhere convenient to the patient, such as at work, school or home.

• Attend Anywhere is accessible via any type of device that has Internet access e.g., smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer with a webcam running Chrome or Safari browsers.


What are the Key Features of Using Attend Anywhere in Optometry?

• No installation or downloads needed – the service is web-based, so easy to use.

• It is free for patients to use (except if using mobile data).

• No recording of the video appointment is possible.

• Safe and secure virtual ‘Waiting Rooms’ and ‘Meeting Rooms’.

• Confidential and anonymised.

• Automatically tests the call for video and audio, to check the device is suitable.

• Automatically asks the patient to accept the camera and microphone for easy access.

• Ability to send the patient appointment directly from the waiting area

• Comparable treatment, care and support as an in-person appointment in many ways.

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